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Monthly Promotion: Women's Health

Each non-GMO vegetable capsule of I3C SAP provides 150 mg of indole-3-carbinol (I3C), a phytochemical found in high concentrations in the Brassica family of vegetables. I3C and its derivative compounds have been shown to exert antiestrogenic activity via competitive inhibition of estrogen receptors. 

PMS SAP is a synergistic blend of chasteberry, Ginkgo biloba, and vitamin B₆ that helps regulate menstrual-cycle concerns. PMS SAP assists in relieving negative symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle, such as irregular menstruation, mood imbalances, breast tenderness, irritability, and menstrual cramping. PMS SAP could also improve symptoms such as hot flashes, memory changes, and insomnia associated with perimenopause and menopause. Each non‑GMO vegetable capsule of PMS SAP provides 600 mg of Vitex agnus-castus fruit extract, 40 mg of Gingko biloba leaf extract, and 50 mg of vitamin B₅ (as pyridoxal-5ʹ‑phosphate).

Calcium D-Glucarate SAP
Calcium D-Glucarate SAP supports optimal hepatic phase II detoxification, hormone metabolism, and antioxidant status. Calcium D-Glucarate SAP helps promote overall breast, colon, and liver health, as well as supports healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health. Calcium D-Glucarate SAP provides a high dose of 650 mg of calcium D-glucarate in a non-GMO vegetable capsule for easy digestion.