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Ginger SAP
Ginger SAP is a standardized extract of Zingiber officinale that can be used to help prevent nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness and/or seasickness, and relieve digestive upset including conditions like dyspepsia and flatulent colic, lack of appetite, and digestive spasms. Ginger SAP can assist in reducing symptoms associated with primary dysmenorrhea and migraines, and can also act as an expectorant and antitussive to help relieve bronchitis, coughs, and colds.

Berberine SAP 
Berberine SAP provides 300 mg of berberine hydrochloride and 150 mg goldenseal root per non‑GMO vegetable capsule. Berberine SAP supports healthy cholesterol levels and promotes healthy glucose metabolism. 

Artemisinin SAP
Each non-GMO vegetable capsule of Artemisinin SAP provides 500 mg of high quality Artemisia annua extract standardized to 10% artemisinin. Artemisinin SAP provides digestive support and exerts anti-bacterial, anti-helminthic and anti inflammatory effects. Artemisia annua apart from artemisinin, contains other bioactives such as sesquiterpene lactones that have antihelminthic properties.