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Science-based pea-emulsified coenzyme Q10 for optimal absorption 
Each vegetarian capsule of PQ10 SAP provides non‑GMO pea protein-emulsified coenzyme Q10 that has the ability to be absorbed 2.5-4.25 times more efficiently than the standard ubiquinone form of CoQ10. PQ10 SAP can be used to protect against idiopathic asthenozoospermia, which can contribute to infertility. PQ10 SAP is a powerful antioxidant and provides protection against cardiovascular diseases. In addition, PQ10 SAP can be used to regulate blood pressure and achieve glycemic control in type 2 diabetic patients. 

Prostate SAP™ 
Science-based support for prostate health 
Prostate SAP is a comprehensive, synergistic blend of nutraceuticals formulated to support healthy urinary flow and frequency, normal bladder volume, and overall prostate health. Inclusion of vitamins and minerals in Prostate SAP supports hormone metabolism and helps maximize antioxidant activity in the body. 

Acetylcarnitine SAP™
Science-based support for cognitive function
Acetylcarnitine SAP optimizes fatty acid metabolism, cellular energy production, nerve cell function, and antioxidant status. Acetylcarnitine SAP may also prevent reductions in luteinizing hormone (LH) associated with hypothalamic amenorrhea. Each non‑GMO vegetable capsule contains 500 mg of L‑carnitine from 750 mg of N‑acetyl-L‑carnitine hydrochloride.