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Monthly Promotion: Focus on Men's Health

Male Fertility SAPô - Science-based male fertility support.
Male Fertility SAPô is a synergistic formulation of key evidence-based nutraceuticals that can help improve sperm quality and function and alleviate infertility. Male Fertility SAPô Improves sperm count, morphology, motility, and vitality; alleviates oxidative stress-induced sperm DNA damage; enhances antioxidant capacity of seminal fluid; promotes insulin sensitivity and mitigates diabetes-induced male infertility; and regulates testosterone levels.

Prostate SAPô - Science-based support for prostate health.
Prostate SAPô is a comprehensive, synergistic blend of nutraceuticals formulated to support healthy urinary flow and frequency, normal bladder volume, and overall prostate health. Inclusion of vitamins and minerals in Prostate SAPô supports hormone metabolism and help maximize antioxidant activity in the body.

N-Acetyl-l-Carnitine SAPô - Scientifically based support for cognitive function.
N-Acetyl-l-Carnitine SAPô optimizes fatty-acid metabolism, cellular energy production, nerve-cell function, and antioxidant status. N-Acetyl-l-Carnitine SAPô supports healthy mental function during aging, and helps improve energy in elderly patients. N-Acetyl-l-Carnitine SAPô may also prevent decreases in luteinizing hormone (LH) associated with hypothalamic amenorrhea.

l-Carnitine Tartrate SAPô - Science-based fatty acid metabolism and antioxidant support.
l-Carnitine Tartrate SAPô plays an essential role in fatty acid metabolism and supports cellular energy production, a healthy inflammatory response, and antioxidant activity. l-Carnitine Tartrate SAPô supports cardiovascular health, sperm health, and muscle recovery from exercise.

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