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The NFH Quality Standard

NFH | Nutritional Fundamentals for Health | NFH | Nutritional Fundamentals for Health At NFH, we are committed to the highest standards of excellence in laboratory quality assurance and good manufacturing practices (GMP). Each of our sophisticated evidence-based products are formulated and manufactured based on our "Tripod of Excellence" - our comprehensive commitment to providing health care professionals with research-based, content guarantee, and contaminant-free products with every lot number. All of our products are manufactured in house at our state-of-the-art facility - we do not outsource product manufacturing. NFH products exceed the strict GMP standards established by Health Canada's Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) regulations and are in accordance with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A third-party laboratory validates identity, potency, and purity for every raw material and finished product lot number - we do not skip lot test. Certificate of Analysis for each product lot number is readily available to physicians upon request. Our industry-leading cGMP facility and professional nutraceutical products guarantee optimal efficacy combined with absolute patient safety.


Exceeding Standards

Highest Standards of Excellence
At NFH, we lead the natural health product industry by exceeding the regulatory requirements of Health Canada, the FDA, and other qualification programs. Our quality assurance values surrounding identity, potency, purity, efficacy and safety guarantee the highest standards of excellence in each product lot number manufactured at NFH.

NFH | Nutritional Fundamentals for Health | NFH | Nutritional Fundamentals for Health The Canadian Product Licensing Standards - Natural Product Numbers
Regulated by Health Canada, all NFH products have a product licence in the form of an eight-digit Natural Product Number (NPN). This means that each product has been assessed by Health Canada with respect to medicinal ingredients, source, dose, potency, non-medicinal ingredients and recommended use, and that Health Canada has decided that it is safe, effective and of high quality. The NPN on NFH products guarantees that the product has been reviewed and approved by Health Canada - a truly unique initiative offered in Canada.

No Skip Lot Testing
We surpass the regulations of Health Canada and the FDA by which we validate every single raw material lot that enters our facility prior to manufacturing - we do not skip lot test.

Our Certificate of Analysis - Open Book Policy
We do not rely on supplier Certificate of Analysis. Rather, all dietary ingredient raw materials that enter our manufacturing facility, regardless of country origin are quarantined and subject to the same rigorous third-party testing. We have an open book policy, meaning Certificate of Analysis for all raw materials and finished product lot numbers are available to licensed healthcare professionals upon request.

Non-GMO Vegetarian Capsules
We utilize non-GMO vegetarian capsules versus tablets for our evidence-based products. Encapsulation of our ingredients increases the purity of our formulation by reducing the overuse of excipients including binders, lubricants, coatings, etc. needed for manufacturing tablets. In addition, encapsulation increases dissolution, absorption and bioavailability of the ingredients provided by our formulations for enhanced efficacy. Our non-GMO capsules and softgels are designed to dissolve in the stomach, whereas, our enteric-coated capsules used namely for probiotics must dissolve in the intestinal tract. Third-party laboratory analysis includes disintegration testing that mimics the human digestive system to ensure all products dissolve in their specific gastrointestinal location at the right time.

Contains-No Commitment
Our products contain only raw materials of the highest quality and purity in their optimal nutrient form for enhanced efficacy. Therefore, each product contains no preservatives, artificial flavour or colour, sugar, dairy, starch, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, yeast or eggs. This reduces side effects, allergies and sensitivities to our evidence-based nutracueticals.

The Quality Staff
Our products are formulated under the guidance of our internationally-renowned "Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) and Medical Consultancy Group (MCG) . Our team of scientists in the laboratory ensures that each raw material used in our product formulations are of the highest quality and purity for optimal efficacy and safety. The laboratory is staffed with 15 scientists, including three PhD, four MSc, and eight BSc, committed to over 600 hours per week of rigorous testing, analysis, and research. Our highly qualified personnel specialize in analytical chemistry, food science & technology, biochemistry, physiology and biology, human nutrition & dietetics, chemical engineering, applied statistics, and more.