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Student Support and Resources

NFH | Nutritional Fundamentals for Health | NFH | Nutritional Fundamentals for Health Our team of Student Representatives promote peer-to-peer learning and serve as liaisons directly between NFH and the medical student population. At NFH, we are passionate about enhancing your student experience and professional growth through research-based education, residency opportunities, and clinical support. NFH wants to partner with you towards establishing a successful, dynamic clinical practice.

Evidence-Based Residencies
The Evidence-Based Residencies sponsored by NFH provides new naturopathic graduates first-hand experience to manage a dynamic clinical practice through a one-year residency at successful, cutting-edge naturopathic clinics. Learn more.

Graduate Promotion Offer
All new clients that have recently graduated and have been practicing for less than one year are eligible to receive the Graduate Promotion Offer. When you purchase an order of $150 to $350 of NFH product at physician pricing we will match your order with products of your choice. Essentially you can receive 50% off of your first order! Shipping is free with the Graduate Promotion Offer.

Student Wholesale Pricing
NFH offers wholesale pricing to students during the pursuit of your healthcare professional degree. Contact our campus Student Representative for more information on how you can obtain the health benefits provided by the NFH line of evidence-based professional products.

Student Education & Support
At NFH, we are committed to supporting student education, research-based knowledge, and a unique campus experience in your pursuit of clinical excellence. NFH actively supports several educational events and campus activities, including:

  • Research-based educational symposia and lunch & learn events
  • NFH hosted continuing education symposia for students and practitioners
  • Sampling dates with NFH student representatives
  • Product donation to college and community clinics
  • Participation in graduation gifts and graduation ceremonies
  • Sponsorship of the Naturopathic Medical Student Association
  • Evidence-Based Residency programs
  • Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Fellowship & Residency Program
  • Sponsorship of clinic offices on campus