Giving back

Giving Back

Community Involvement
Our community involvement reflects our desire to contribute to the wellness of the population. In fact, NFH agrees to substantially contribute to philanthropic organizations serving for the betterment of the greater community. NFH is making this commitment as testimony to its overarching interest in serving the greater society’s good. Our pledge is to commit 20% of company profits to charity organizations and research and development.

Community Clinic Donations
As a Diamond Partner with the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), NFH is dedicated to the monthly donation of more than $1000 worth of  high quality, evidence-based natural health products to enhance optimal patient health and well-being in the local community. Through donation to community clinics, NFH supports students and doctors in addressing the underlying cause of disorders and the treatment of patients in need.

Family Naturopathic Clinic
NFH is excited to partner with Dr. Amy Gilchrist and the Family Naturopathic Clinic, a free naturopathic-teaching clinic serving young, low-income families in Victoria, BC. The Family Naturopathic Clinic is one of the only teaching clinics in Canada with senior-level students from Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine treating patients under the supervision of a licensed ND. Providing free naturopathic care and products to young families, NFH supports the initiatives of the Family Naturopathic Clinic through the donation of free NFH products. This ensures the availability of high-quality evidence-based products to patients in need.

Practitioner Support and Resources

At NFH, we are devoted to providing the highest quality evidence-based nutraceuticals for exclusive use by fully licensed health care practitioners.

The primary goal of NFH is to bridge the gap between the most current evidence-based research and its application in everyday medical practices through nutraceutical products.

We invite you to log in and learn more about obtaining our product line, clinical resources, and science-based research for optimal patient health.

Student Support and Resources

Our team of Student Representatives promotes peer-to-peer learning and serves as liaisons directly between NFH and the medical student population.

At NFH, we are passionate about enhancing your student experience and professional growth through research-based education, residency opportunities, and clinical support. NFH wants to partner with you towards establishing a successful, dynamic clinical practice.

Evidence-Based Residencies

The Evidence-Based Residencies sponsored by NFH provides new naturopathic graduates first-hand experience to manage a dynamic clinical practice through a one-year residency at successful, cutting-edge naturopathic clinics.

Graduate Promotion Offer

All new clients that have recently graduated and have been practicing for less than one year are eligible to receive the Graduate Promotion Offer.

When you purchase an order of $150 to $350 of NFH product at physician pricing we will match your order with products of your choice. Essentially you can receive 50% off of your first order! Shipping is free with the Graduate Promotion Offer.

Student Wholesale Pricing

NFH offers wholesale pricing to students during the pursuit of their healthcare professional degrees. Contact our campus Student Representative for more information on how you can obtain the health benefits provided by the NFH line of evidence-based professional products.

Student Education & Support

At NFH, we are committed to supporting student education, research-based knowledge, and a unique campus experience in your pursuit of clinical excellence. NFH actively supports several educational events and campus activities, including:

  • Research-based educational symposia and lunch & learn events
  • NFH hosted continuing education symposia for students and practitioners
  • Sampling dates with NFH student representatives
  • Product donation to college and community clinics
  • Participation in graduation gifts and graduation ceremonies
  • Sponsorship of the Naturopathic Medical Student Association
  • Evidence-Based Residency programs
  • Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Fellowship & Residency Program
  • Sponsorship of clinic offices on campus

Evidence-Based Residencies

NFH is proud to partner with the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) to offer naturopathic medicine graduates residency opportunities.

Evidence-Based Residencies partially funded by NFH is a fully accredited residency program uniquely positioned to place new naturopathic medicine graduates within successful, thriving, and cutting-edge naturopathic medical clinics, enabling a dynamic learning experience under the mentorship of leaders in the field.

Benefits of the Evidence-Based Residencies program:

  • Experience first-hand exposure to the operation and challenges of managing a dynamic clinical practice, including business infrastructure, practice principles, staff management, team building and leadership, and strategic business planning related to the naturopathic profession
  • Ongoing career development in naturopathic medicine, nutrition, and business management
  • Expand your naturopathic professional network under the mentorship of leading naturopathic physicians
  • Placement with a NFH sponsored fully accredited residency site through the Council of Naturopathic Medical Examiners (CNME) and the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM).

Requirements of the Residents:

  • A graduate from an accredited naturopathic college and licensed to practice through successful completion of the NPLEX
  • Visionary in transforming health care and growing integrative medicine
  • Willing to create and hold themselves accountable to a personal vision, mission, and core ethical and moral values
  • Member of one of the state associations of naturopathic physicians in which the resident resides

For more information on our support of naturopathic excellence through Evidence-Based Residencies and the application process, we welcome you to visit NUNM – Residency Opportunities – Non NUNM Clinics

2014/2015 Evidence-Based Residencies Clinic Sites sponsored by NFH

A Woman’s Time, Portland, OR
Tori Hudson, ND
NFH Sponsored Resident:

Dr. Corina Dunlap

Dr. Corina Dunlap graduated with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, OR.

She is a second-year resident at A Woman’s Time, a post-doctoral research fellow and adjunct faculty at the School of Research & Graduate Studies at Helfgott Research Institute and NCNM. Before NCNM, she received her B.A. from Smith College with an emphasis in Medical Anthropology and International Relations.

Prior to her graduate training, Dr. Dunlap traveled extensively and worked abroad, including time spent with the WHO and UNICEF in northern India. Through her experiences and observations of various medical traditions, she was drawn to practice a model of healthcare that focuses on the root cause of health concerns, education, and prevention.

As a doctoral student, Dr. Dunlap completed extensive training in advanced gynecology and naturopathic primary care while conducting research on topics such as infertility, HPV, cervical dysplasia, interstitial cystitis, and Ayurveda. As a resident, she has completed rotations in pediatric endocrinology, reproductive endocrinology, gynecology, and naturopathic women’s health.

In addition to all aspects of primary care, special interests include women’s health, neuroendocrinology, reproductive endocrinology, overall hormone imbalances, environmental medicine, skin conditions, metabolic and digestive disorders, and chronic disease.

Research topics include infertility, interstitial cystitis, bacterial vaginosis, cervical dysplasia, natural medicine treatment options for HPV, biotherapeutic drainage, and diagnostic techniques in Ayurveda.

Ho’o Lokahi, Kailua Kona, HI
Michael Traub, ND

A Family Healing Center, McMinnville, OR
Jason Black, ND, and Jessica Black, ND
NFH Sponsored Resident:

Dr. Sarah Silverman

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Sarah is passionate about sharing the benefits of healthy living and teaching patients how they can optimize their health on an individual level. She aspires to teach her patients how to enhance their wellness in all aspects of their lives.

After discovering naturopathic medicine on her own journey towards health, Dr. Sarah quickly learned the power that natural medicine can have in developing a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Sarah obtained her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and practiced briefly in Toronto, Canada before moving to Portland, Oregon. Dr. Sarah is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario, Canada and Portland, Oregon. Prior to her medical studies, Dr. Sarah obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Windsor.

Dr. Sarah’s educational and clinical training has equipped her with the tools to treat a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions, and has fostered her specialized interests in pediatric care, gut health, and gastrointestinal disorders. Health issues and disease processes are complicated, but Dr. Sarah will strive to give you the best care that naturopathic medicine has to offer. Using the knowledge gained during her naturopathic medical training and the clinical skills acquired from treating patients, she will work in partnership with you to achieve optimal health.

In her spare time Dr. Sarah enjoys hiking, cooking, practicing yoga, and spending time with her husband and Chesapeake Bay retriever, Annie.

Dr. Colleen Tyler

Dr. Colleen’s calling to become a natural healer started at a young age when she was given a small section of her mothers garden to grow herbs, which had fascinated her for years. The magical healing powers of nature became more prevalent as she grew and spent time exploring the great outdoors through a variety of adventurous activities that took her to both far off countries and long walks in the great backyard of Oregon’s landscapes.

Her path led her to Oregon State University were she got a major in Biology with a minor in Chemistry while working in the service industry learning the art of serving others. It was here she learned of her passion to care for people and the healing power of an open ear. At this point she knew she wanted to go into medicine.

As she started looking into different medical schools she took some time to do a work study program at Herb Pharm in Southern Oregon, where her knowledge of medicinal plants grew and her drive to pursue Naturopathic Medicine blossomed. She was accepted into the naturopathic program at National College of Natural Medicine and continued her educational journey.

While at NCNM she got a vast background in primary care medicine with an emphasis on women’s and pediatric health. After graduating from NCNM with her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine she was accepted into the residency program at A Family Healing Center where she is still currently practicing. She is a family practitioner with extensive training in women’s health, pediatrics, pain management, nutrition counseling, thyroid management, hormone balancing and vaccination counseling.

2013/2014 Evidence-Based Residencies Clinic Sites sponsored by NFH
A Woman’s Time, Portland, OR
Tori Hudson, ND

Ho’o Lokahi, Kailua Kona, HI
Michael Traub, ND

A Family Healing Center, McMinnville, OR
Jason Black, ND, and Jessica Black, ND

Center for Natural Medicine, Portland, OR
Marty Milner, ND

2012/2013 Evidence-Based Residencies Clinic Sites sponsored by NFH
A Family Healing Center, McMinnville, OR
Jason Black, ND, and Jessica Black, ND
Testimonials from Clinic Supervisors about the Evidence-Based Residencies sponsored by NFH

Dr. Michael Traub, ND – Ho’o Lokahi, Kailua Kona, HI
Were it not for NFH’s financial support of my residency program, I would not be able to continue operating it. At a time when some major U.S. natural product companies have withdrawn their funding for residencies, NFH, a Canada-based company, has stepped up in a very big way to ensure the sustainability of postgraduate education in naturopathic medicine. It is a blessing to be affiliated with a company with stellar people, and high quality, evidence-based dietary supplements.

Dr. Tori Hudson, ND – A Woman’s Time, Portland, OR
I have had the pleasure of having an accredited residency program in my clinic, A Woman’s Time, since 1995. This has been possible through the sponsorships of several individuals and companies, the National College of Natural Medicine, the Naturopathic Education and Research Consortium (NERC), my clinic staff and colleagues, and my long standing commitment to and belief in the important of N.D. residencies.

When I graduated from NCNM in 1984, there had been a fledgling residency program for the two years prior. In my year, as in those prior years, there was one position available, in the whole profession! I and two of my classmates wanted to be residents, so we shared the small salary amongst us and thus my passion and commitment to residencies began, including the formation of a tax-exempt non-profit organization for accredited residencies, NERC.

About 4 years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a representative of Nutritional Fundamentals for Health (NFH), Leah Gillingham, PhD, who shared her and NFHs commitment to N.D. residencies. They committed $250,000 over 5 years to N.D. residencies, through NCNM affiliation sites. In these four years, I have been the recipient of some NFH funding for my two residency positions. I can honestly say that N.D. residencies are not currently possible without the willingness and financial gamble of the mentor N.D. and their clinic, and outside funding sources such as nutraceutical companies as NFH. The N.D. schools provide financing for in house school residents. But the schools provide less than half of the current residency positions. The other approximately two thirds occur at approved clinical sites, and only with the generosity of sponsors.

With the financial contribution of NFH to the residency at A Woman’s Time, my women’s health clinic in Portland, Oregon, I am able to hire and educate two N.D. residents, providing them with a unique post graduate experience, that then leads to their future enhanced ability to succeed in a naturopathic career.

Dr. Jessica Black, ND – A Family Healing Center, McMinnville, OR
We began taking and training residents at A Family Healing Center in October of 2012. We are excited to participate in teaching the next generation of competent naturopathic physicians. Our clinic upholds specific values when caring for patients and maintains an excellent track record reversing illness and creating wellness in many patients. We also strive to continue seeing the underserved populations, often offering free care or free medicine to those in need. Since the start of our business 12 years ago, we have enjoyed offering naturopathic healthcare to those who normally would not have had access to it. In 2014, we were credentialed with Care Oregon as some of its first naturopathic physicians. Because of our continued support of the underserved population, the support that is provided to us by Nutritional Fundamentals for Health to help support our residency program has been fundamental in helping us. As of 2014, the changes in Obama Care have brought a significant number of new patients to our office and we plan on significantly expanding our resident base in the fall. We currently have 2 employed resident or associate physicians and plan on beginning 3 new residents this fall. We are extremely appreciative of NFH’s support that has helped us to hire and train more physicians in this superior healthcare model.

Testimonials from NUNM residents (2015-16) sponsored by NFH

Dr. Jennifer Johnson, ND, LAc-A Woman’s Time
Over the past year of residency, I’ve gotten to do specialty rotations in gynecology oncology, gastroenterology, cardiology, and health-care for transgender people. Next year, I look forward to rotations with MDs specializing in endocrinology, dermatology, and neurology. I will also continue my mentorships with Drs. Hudson and Raydon. My time spent in private practice will increase, helping foster further independence in my role as women’s health PCP. This past year was an invaluable experience, helping me transition from dependent student to independent doctor in an environment rich with mentors and support.

Dr. Sarah Silverman, ND-A Family Healing Center
During my residency with AFHC, I focused predominantly on general primary care, with special interests in pediatrics, gut health and hormone balancing. I am thankful for my time with AFHC as I had the opportunity to see a wide variety of cases, giving me the opportunity to expand on my clinical knowledge and medical practice. As I move forward in my career, I will be practicing naturopathy along side a functional medicine doctor. I look forward to continuing my career in this new clinical setting with greater confidence, knowing that my time at AFHC was highly educational and largely responsible for this.

Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Fellowship
NFH along with Emerson Ecologics is proud to support “The Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine (FNM) Project” by co-sponsoring the FNM fellowship offered by the Naturopathic Medicine Student Association (NMSA). We congratulate Dr. Claire Zimmerman, ND, RH(AHG) for being awarded this historic fellowship. (View More)

The FNM Project, based at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) is producing a seminal international textbook on the philosophy, theory, and principles of naturopathic medicine – a synthesis of the knowledge and understanding of the naturopathic scholastic community, colleges and the global naturopathic medical community. To learn more:

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