OmegaScore™ – Breast Milk DHA and AA

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Breast milk spot testing during lactation in support of infant cognitive and visual development


Higher levels of DHA in breast milk than are typically provided for breast-fed infants in North America have been reported to better support optimal cognitive and visual development in full-term infants by providing this physiologically essential nutrient to the brain and retina of the eye, respectively. Levels of 0.32 – 0.35 % of total milk fat fatty acids as DHA would provide at least 100 mgs/ as recommended by various international organizations (Hoffman, D. R. et al., PLEFA, 81: 151-158, 2009).  Testing for the breast milk DHA OmegaScore supports dietary and nutritional supplement approaches to ensure entry into the target DHA levels. Minimal maternal intakes of 200-300 mgs DHA/day during lactation can be expected to meet target levels in the vast majority of mothers within 10 days.  Re-testing can ensure that such targets are fulfilled.

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