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Mental Health Essentials


Our series of Mental Health Essentials provides clinical guidance for busy practitioners seeking to better serve the mental health needs of their patients.

We worked closely with Dr Philip Rouchotas as well as other leading experts in mental health to curate this online resource containing concise clinical guidance and updated mental health treatment information.

For almost 20 years, we’ve been inviting top international experts in academic clinical research, as well as leaders in naturopathic medicine, to contribute white papers, clinical guidelines, and evidence-based research to our library. We make this library available free to registered health professionals.

Natural Approaches To Mental Health

Overview: Natural Approaches To Mental Health

By Dr Philip Rouchotas, MSc, ND

More than ever, natural health practitioners are treating patients with depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions in their clinics. In this video, Dr Philip Rouchotas offers concise clinical guidance based on current best practices in intake, diagnosis, prescription interactions, and natural health remedies.

This is the foundational video for the Mental Health Essentials Series.


Protocols for Weaning Patients off SSRIs and Benzodiazepines

By Dr Philip Rouchotas, MSc, ND

Weaning patients off SSRI’s and Benzodiazepines can be a challenge. Dr Rouchotas provides you with a detailed breakdown of EXACTLY what protocol you need to follow to successfully wean patients off these medications without side effects or a “bounce back” in their symptoms.


Can St John’s Wort be Combined with Prescription Medications?

Article by Dr Philip Rouchotas, ND

A challenge commonly faced by health professionals. Learn from an expert if and how St John’s Wort could be combined with prescribed medications.


Mood Concerns and Mental Health

Webinar by Dr Cameron McIntyre, ND

A product focused webinar that reviews the research and clinical applications of NFH products for mood concerns and mental health.



Clinical Handbook by Dr Philip Rouchotas, MSc, ND, and Dr Heidi Fritz, MA, ND

A common comorbidity encountered in outpatient naturopathic practice is the presentation of a patient with complaints of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. These three common mental health concerns typically cluster together.


Curcumin for Major Depressive Disorder

Article by Dr Tori Hudson, ND

A review of a meta-analysis demonstrating benefits of curcumin in the treatment of major depressive symptoms.


Lavender for Anxiety & Depression

Article by Dr Tori Hudson, ND
The effect of lavender in the improvement of daily living skills and health related quality of life.

Antidepressants: Apparently informed consent is not required?

Blog by Dr Philip Rouchotas, ND

Learn why cognitive behavior therapy unlike antidepressants, reduces not only repeated self- harm but also repeated suicide attempts and should be the preferred treatment for depression.


Benefits of EPA/DHA Fish Oil in Heart Failure Patients with Depression

Blog by Dr. Peter Alphonse, PhD

Positive effects of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)/docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) fish oil supplement in depressed coronary heart failure patients observed in a clinical study.


Saffron and Depression among Consumers Recovered from Methamphetamine Use

Blog by Dr Michael Traub, ND, DHANP, FABNO

Interesting observations from a clinical study on saffron in depressed individuals living with HIV/AIDS, recovered from the use of methamphetamine.


Gut-Brain Axis: Probiotics and Mental Health

Article by Dr Philip Rouchotas, ND

Learn how probiotics can improve mental health, specifically anxiety and depression.


Lavender As An Anxiolytic

Blog by Dr Philip Rouchotas, ND

Lavender for the management of anxiety and restlessness.


Psychobiotics: A Novel and Promising Clinical Indication for Probiotics

Article by Dr David Lescheid, PhD, ND

An expert’s review of psychobiotics, highlighting the emerging area of research.

Focus on Women’s Health

Depression and Anxiety: Perimenopause/Menopause Symptom Management

Webinar by Dr Tori Hudson
This webinar intends to enhance your skills in helping women with symptoms of perimenopause/menopause.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Major Depression in Perimenopausal/Menopausal Women

Article by Dr Tori Hudson

Understand how Omega 3 fatty acids can be effective to decrease hot flash frequency and improve quality of life.


St John’s Wort Extract May Help Manage Postmenopausal Symptoms and Depression

Blog by Dr Peter Alphonse, PhD