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Key Strategies for the Aging Woman by Dr Tori Hudson, ND

Women in their 60s and beyond are typically concerned about heart disease, cancer, urinary incontinence, aches and pains, osteoporosis and neurological health.  You could say that’s the short list, but this is the list we will hope to address in this presentation with a focus on key strategies for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, […]

Focus on Dermatology by Dr Lindsay Kellington, ND

Join Dr Kellington for a 30-minute product-focused presentation about Dermatology. She will share her clinical insights into these areas along with key products in the NFH line up that yield beneficial results. Dr Kellington, ND, completed her naturopathic training in 2012 and has since been actively practicing in Calgary. Alongside her clinical work, she serves […]

NLP RX- A New Way to Look at Mental Health Treatment by Karen Hourtovenko, BScN, MBA, and Psy. D

NLP RX is designed to support Healthcare providers to be more effective and successful assisting clients with transformations in mental health, balanced lifestyle, and health mindset. Learn new research focusing on change in brain chemistry, quantum medicine, neuro-nutrient support, neurobiology, epigenetics, neuroplasticity, and behaviour change to alter mindset, emotions, and overall health. Learn tools and strategies […]

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and Rosacea: The Gut-Skin Connection by Dr Michael Traub, ND, DHANP, FABNO

Increasing evidence suggests that the gut-skin axis is implicated in the pathogenesis of rosacea. Sufficient data exists to support the concept that the gut microbiome plays a role in the inflammatory cutaneous response and there appears to be associations with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and Helicobacter pylori infection. A dysbiotic microbiome and an innate immune system dysregulation […]

Focus on Allergy and Immunity by Dr Lindsey Walker, ND

Join Dr Walker for a 30-minute product-focused presentation about Allergy and Immunity. She will share her clinical insights into these areas along with key products in the NFH line up that yield beneficial results. Dr Walker, ND maintains a general family naturopathic practice at Higher Health Centre in Toronto. She provides pediatric through geriatric care […]

New Insights into Autoimmune Disorders by Dr Neil McKinney, ND (non-practicing)

The immune system is deeply complex, and recent research has revealed an important novel targetable component of autoimmune diseases.  Long hidden among the Th1 immune cells, the so-called T-helpers, is a subpopulation that drives ongoing tissue destruction in AI disorders.  These Th17 polarized macrophages secrete powerful effector cytokines that act unchecked against self.  Several natural […]

Allergies and Autoimmunity: Connected Disconnected Immune Pathways by Dr Sarah Wilson, ND

Historically when I was educated on allergies and autoimmunity, I spoke about two different immune pathways, Th1 and Th2. This left out a large category of patients who were presented with autoimmune urticaria, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and severe allergic symptoms, or any other autoimmune condition that presented with many histamine-induced health challenges. Research has evolved to […]

Focus on Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia by Dr Cameron McIntyre, ND

Join Dr McIntyre for a 30-minute product-focused presentation about anxiety, depression, and insomnia. He will share his clinical insights into these areas along with key products in the NFH line up that yield beneficial results. Dr McIntyre is in his 20th year of clinical practice in North Vancouver, BC as well as being the BC territory […]

Beyond Self-Improvement: A Guide for Mental Hygiene by Dr Rigobert Kefferputz, ND

In recent years “mental hygiene” has experienced a resurgence, growing increasingly popular in personal development circles, and in many ways has begun to overlap with the nuances of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia. We are a product of our time. Therapy has its place and can be enormously helpful. However, it […]

Secondary Amenorrhea by Dr Tori Hudson, ND

Where did the cycle go? A deeper look at Evaluation and Management of Secondary Amenorrhea A step-by-step methodical approach to a proper diagnosis as to the cause of secondary amenorrhea is fundamental to safe and effective treatment. Treatment options can then include the non-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical at either treating the underlying cause and/or prevention of […]

Unravelling the Immunology of Endometriosis by Dr Sarah Wilson, ND

If you feel like you are seeing more endometriosis, menstrual pain, severe pelvic pain and ‘endometriosis-like’ symptoms, you are right! Endometriosis is documented to affect 1 in 10 women in Canada, but research has shown that the recently circulating virus worsened endometriosis symptoms significantly. This has been enough to bring more and more women into […]

GI-Brain Connection, with a Focus on Healing the Membranes, by Dr Paul Anderson, NMD

The barrier functions of the GI tract and the Brain were long thought to be separate. Modern research has not only shown a connection but an interdependence between these two critical systems. This presentation will look at the recent science showing these connections and discuss the clinical importance of repair of the systems in the […]

Two Important Herbs in Women’s Health: Ashwagandha and Turmeric, by Dr Tori Hudson, ND

Women’s health includes women-only health issues, but also primary care issues that occur more commonly in women, as well as primary care issues that have some unique characteristic, clinical presentation, and/or treatment in women.  The list now has become long including insomnia, anxiety, depression, osteoarthritis, NAFLD, and more.  Ashwagandha and turmeric have select uses in […]

Integrative Ophthalmology, by Dr Paul Anderson, NMD

In this webinar Dr. Anderson will use his unique background in naturopathy and his prior work in ophthalmic medicine to discuss some of the common eye conditions that may be aided by natural means. In this session he will discuss pathophysiology, pharmacology, and nutritional intervention for the following: Forms of macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinitis […]

A Woman’s Heart: Select Strategies for Prevention and Treatment, by Dr Tori Hudson, ND

This presentation will review demographics, risk factors and specific issues pertinent to women and cardiovascular disease. Select botanicals will be discussed for dyslipidemia, hypertension and CHF. Practitioners will also be made aware of key issues related to the cardiovascular do’s and don’ts of menopausal hormone therapy, aspirin and statins. Learning Objective: By the end of […]