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Order Your MyChrome SNP Nutrigenetics Test Kit

The Nutrigenetics Test Kit evaluates 60 SNPs for genes that code for enzymes identified as being important in natural health product metabolism using DNBseq Human whole genome sequencing. The kit provides a saliva swab and a return address envelope for the patient’s sample to be returned directly to our partner’s processing laboratory. Samples are coded to ensure anonymity (see accompanying disclosure and consent form for more information on protection of personal information). Laboratory results as well as an interpretation of findings from a health management standpoint are provided to the practitioner who requested the test for consultation with their patient.

The SNP Nutrigenetics test is available for the promotional price of CAN $245.
Turnaround time: 8 weeks.

If you are a health professional:

Please sign into your NFH online account to order, or contact head office at 1 866 510 3123 or by e-mail mychrome@nfh.ca

If you are a patient:

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NFH makes evidence based personalized nutrition a reality for health professionals

Healing begins from within, any therapeutic approach must hence speak to the very core make-up that truly defines who we are and celebrates it. Would you like to revolutionize your clinical practice by crafting each treatment to the true unique genetic personality of your patient? Do you think it would be possible to modulate your patients’ metabolic pathways to optimize their health?

The rapidly gaining popularity of personalized genetic testing has resulted in a plethora of direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing companies that offer genetic tests and in some cases, generalized nutritional and food recommendations. However, now armed with the utmost of knowledge of genetic predisposition, questions arise over whether the average consumer can process and act on this information in a beneficial manner. Unlike, these DTC companies, “NFH SNP Nutrigenetics Test” helps healthcare professionals understand their patients’ genetic profile by providing evidence based nutrigenetic research information. In addition, “NFH SNP Nutrigenetics Test” empowers healthcare professionals to utilize such valuable information and translate results into meaningful therapeutic protocols. “NFH SNP Nutrigenetics Test” guides healthcare professionals to offer personalized high quality supplements that cater specifically to each patient’s genetic and nutritional status.

Differences are after all what make us who we are. Let us celebrate these differences, and usher in a new approach to reaping further benefits of natural product therapeutics.
NFH is a valuable clinical tool meticulously crafted by scientists who are pioneers in personalized nutrition and in collaboration with BGI Americas Corporation.

List of SNP Tested

Mood balance, Cardiometabolic health, Glucose metabolism, Autoimmune Disease Risk, and Methylation

Component Gene, rs Number
Mood & Behavior
COMT activity and dopamine life Brain-derived Neurotrophic factor
COMT, rs4680
BDNF, rs6265
MAOA, rs909525
MAOA, rs6323
MAOB, rs1799836
MAOB, rs10521432
GAD1, rs3791850
Cardiovascular Health
NOS response & NO Bioavailability APOE
NOS3s, rs1799983
Bioavailability of cytosolic 5-MTHF & efficiency of homocysteine to methionine conversion
SHMT1, rs1979277
MTR, rs1805087
MTRR, rs1801394
MAT1A, rs1985908
MAT2B, rs4869089
Insulin Response and Diabetes Risk TCF7L2, rs12255372
IL-6, rs1800795
TNF-alpha, rs1800629
Enzyme function and clearance of substrates and reactive oxygen species
SOD2, rs4880
CYP1B1, rs1056836
Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Mitochondrial Function SLC22A5, rs17622208
Urea Cycle CPS1, rs1509821
CPS1, rs6435580
Detoxification and Cancer CYP1A1*4 C2453A, rs1799814
Vision Health BCM01, rs1164528
Choline Deficiency and Nafld PEMPT, rs7946
Mental Health PEMT, rs4244593
Autism CBS, rs234706
Folate Levels in Women SLC19A1, rs1051266
Cancer Susceptibility CYP1A2, rs762551
Detoxification and Susceptibility to Develop Gall Stones SULT, rs2547231
Oxidative Stress and HDL-C Levels SOD3, rs2855262

Nutrient Metabolism and Utilization

Component Gene, rs Number
Vitamin B12 FUT2, rs601338
Vitamin D CYP2R1, rs10741657
GC, rs2282679
Folate MTHFR, rs1801133
Iron Overload SLC17A1, rs17342717
HFE, rs1800562
HFE, rs1799945
Low Iron Status TMPRSS6, rs4820268
TFR2, rs7385804
TF, rs3811647
Calcium GC, rs7041
GC, rs4588
Omega-3 Fat NOS3, rs1799983
Energy Balance UCP1, rs1800592
Saturated and Unsaturated Fat FTO, rs9939609
Cholesterol Lowering CYP7A1, rs3808607
APOE rs7412
APOE rs429358
Omega-3 Fat Utilization FADS1 (rs174537, rs174545 & rs174561)
FADS2, rs174583
Autoimmune Disease Risk PTPN22, rs2476601
CTLA, rs231775

What Makes “NFH SNP Nutrigenetics Test” Unique?

Each of us has our own personality in many different ways, but particularly in our genetic makeup. These distinctions in genetic architecture are increasingly being linked to the differences that exist across people in the way they respond to nutritional and natural health products. At one time, it was considered that such heterogeneity in responsiveness was due to the failure of patients to comply with their prescriptions; however, intervention studies where intakes were closely monitored show that some people fail to respond to a supplement even with confirmed longer-term exposures. As such, this variability has presented a difficulty for health professionals to treat their patients with supplements that deliver optimal efficacy on a one on one basis.

A series of predictive response tests for natural health products based on genetics would be useful in minimizing the impact of interindividual variability in the effectiveness of natural products, by developing alternative therapeutic approaches and modified dosages to invigorate the confidence with which healthcare professionals and patients can use these products.

NFH’s Scientists Are Global Leaders In Personalized Nutrition.

NFH’s scintillating scientific and medical advisory boards feature leading international experts in scientific and clinical practice. NFH enjoys being one of its kind as it is developed and fueled by these key experts specializing and serving the entire spectrum of science, technology, translational research, and clinical practice. Current platforms are based only upon information based on a single SNP, which provides less specific guidance than the use of multiple SNPs or gene sets, that the NFH Testing platform sets to explore using our unique cadre of approaches.