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Our Assurance

Laboratory Equipement

SAt NFH, we are committed to researching and employing the most scientifically valid and reliable laboratory test methods and reference standards.

The most important feature of ISO 17025 is the development of testing methods that are of the highest global standards and latest scientific technology.

Our industry-leading laboratory testing utilizes advanced analytical equipments to examine the fingerprint of all plant material constituents versus only a specific marker.

This level of sophistication allows us to authenticate the specific genus and species of every raw material, therefore confirming identity as wells as potency and purity for each specific therapeutic compound sourced for our product formulations.

With some of the most advanced equipment in the world, we are able to validate over 800 raw materials using the latest analytical methods.

Additionally, our rigorous analytical labs recognize seasonal and geographical variability as well as adulterated or spiked raw materials. Ultimately, our sophisticated instruments have greater sensitivity to achieve the most precise test results possible.

Our validated laboratory methods have been adopted from the USP, AOAC, ISO, Health Canada, Ph. Eur, BP, EPA, ASTM, and others as needed.

UPLC/MS/MS (Xevo Tandem Quadrupole)
Near Infrared Spectroscopy